Sexy With a Twist

11090918_1582425235359321_7081236015079437005_o[1]MANDI WROTE A BOOK! Wait. I think you knew that.


Yes, I can read. Why would you say something like that?

Go read a book.

Go read this book.

But first, read this review.

Dear Stephanie – The Brilliant Debut (I really like that word) NOVEL by Sexy Beast Extraordinaire and author Mandi Castle

Paige Preston is ALL THAT – just ask her. She’s smart and beautiful, well-dressed, well-read and well-spoken. Perfectly groomed, socially successful and independently wealthy. She has trouble containing her almost predatory sexuality.

She is every man’s wet dream.

She is also completely hollow and bitterly cold inside, or so it seems.

I didn’t like her. I’m not gonna lie.

People like Paige – they make their own boudoir, right? Poor little rich girl, did Daddy not pay enough attention to you? Are you having a hard time deciding which charity to counterbalance your tax bracket with this week? Which life to ruin because you didn’t get your way?

I didn’t like her – does it show?

But I kept reading. Because there was something about her. Something familiar.

I was intrigued by someone so self-absorbed, yet who valued herself so little that the book begins with her near-miss suicide.

So I gave her a chance.

You have to do that with people, sometimes – give them a chance to show you who they are.

When Paige finds herself in a relationship that has a chance of becoming something great – and then in another, different kind of relationship that takes the reins of her life out of her hands – I found myself beginning to hope for her.

She begins to hope for herself, as well. As she starts to begin to heal, to let someone see her, we start to understand her – and realize that she’s not so different, after all.

Sometimes life doesn’t give you a chance to get your breath. And it is there, when Paige has taken the risk of letting others get past the walls she has so carefully constructed, when she starts to become so much more than the person who started this story with a martini and a sleeping pill – life turns on her again, and she finds herself in free fall.

We watch, helplessly as she faces her demons once more.

Not everyone is who they seem to be on the surface. Sometimes you have to give them a chance to show you who they are.

Dear Stephanie is now available on Amazon – order here.



  1. Frist!!! I love this review. The title is my favorite. I didn’t want the reader to like Paige at first. She didn’t want you to like her. Could you tell? She keeps people at arm’s reach, until she pulls you in, and you’re there left giving her a virtual hug through the pages because geez, someone needs to hug this girl.

    Thank you for reading and reviewing and sharing and believing in me. I am humbled and in awe by all of this support. And I owe you one. With a twist.

    Liked by 1 person

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